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Selections: Furniture

Living Room: Sofa

NAME: Drake Sofa


FINISH: Carmel Leather 

SIZE: 88.5"W x 43.5"D x 27"H

PRICE: $6,995          TRADE:$5,596

NOTES: 6 Week Lead time; Sample on showroom floor to test comfort. 


Kennedy Selection

NAME: Kennedy Sofa


FINISH: Forest Velvet/ Ebony Walnut Leg

SIZE: 88"W x 35"D x 34"H

PRICE: $4,595          TRADE:$3,095

NOTES: 8 Week Lead time.


Hi Yeida, 

Yes the sofa lead-time is currently 8 weeks but the sales associate advised that there may be delays with the upcoming holidays. While this sofa is not available to test on the showroom floor there is a similar model. However, this model is 38" deep so will have a more lounge like feel. As this piece is custom upholstry returns are not possible unless manufacturer default. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 

Is the 8 week lead-time still current? Also, can I test it for comfort before purchasing? 

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